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Before taking sole charge of Cordeillan-Bages in 2010, Jean-Luc Rocha was second-in-command to two great French chefs, both Michelin double-starred: Patrick Henriroux at La Pyramide in Vienne, and then Thierry Marx at Cordeillan-Bages, where Chef Rocha has been Executive Chef since 2005.

The quality of his work earned him the coveted title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2007 and has now promoted him to the forefront.

A pure product of the modern school of French cuisine, he is always eager to try something new whilst setting very high standards. His expertise combines technique with tradition. Relying on rigorous technical skills and a thorough knowledge of the profession, he serves a delicious, no-nonsense, balanced cuisine to which he succeeds in adding a touch of fantasy and sophistication… for he likes to surprise as well as to reassure.