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Le Pressoir d’Argent

Le Pressoir d’Argent, is located on the first floor of the Grand Hotel Bordeaux Spa. The dominant tones, purple and orange, combine warmth and brightness. The restaurant offers an elegant atmosphere where the sea is evoked through shadow black and white fish and shellfish from the photographer Pierre-Yves Harry Vaillant.

The restaurant was entirely designed by Jacques Garcia who drew his inspiration from the sea.

Le Pressoir d’Argent sublimes the seafoods both in the kitchen and at the table… flavors of the sea and the nobility of cooking in front of the diners.

A major and unique feature of Le Pressoir d’Argent is, as its name indicates, its lobster press. There are currently only five of these worldwide, one in Brussels, one in Berlin, two in Paris and a brand new one in Bordeaux. Its astonishing use shows that gastronomy is an art where the savours created by the artist are worked down to the finest detail. The “Brittany Blue Lobster” is presented alive to the client then fried in the kitchen. The dish is finalised in the dining room by pressing the legs and the lobster coral to make the sauce. It is the chef ‘s belief that for the sake of the clients, cooking should be shown at the table.

The Rotonde is a lounge bar where clients are invited to take an aperitif before having their meal and to relax afterwards.

The rose marble columns, the beautiful glass roof, or even the warm-toned materials chosen by Jacques Garcia for the bar and armchairs all contribute to create the ideal atmosphere for the Rotonde.